Digital Invoice Capture (E-Invoicing)

The 123-Works e-invoice solution enables rapid capture of digital invoices and processing - saving you time and effort

  • Capure invoice header and line items
  • Capure email content and attachments
  • Process invoices accurately and quickly

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Do you find yourself spending too much time on a mountain of low value invoices?

The 123-Works e-invoicing system is a game changer for organisations saving your team time with advanced automatic processing and parsing software which can match invoices to suppliers.

With a new invoicing email address setup you'll have invoices appearing in your 123-Works system within just a few hours.

Combine your e-invoices with the 123 Worflow automation to automate the process further with approvals processing and more.

Getting Started

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Activity Packs : HR Essentials

123-Works Activity packs are a great way to get all of the features you need to manage HR in your organisation.

HR Essentials includes Expenses, Timesheets, Forms and Workflows to administer all aspects of your online HR self-service operation.