Online Field Service Management Software

The 123-Works online field service management system makes management, allocation of jobs and customer engagement as easy as 1-2-3 with intuitive self-service forms, clear reporting and easy to use approvals process.

A cloud solution offering a tailored approach to timesheet management for organisations of all size while addressing the needs of today's workforce.

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Job Ticket Recording

From the ground up we've built the field service management system to be as easy and quick to use as possible with the system doing the hard work meaning you can focus on your priorities rather than struggling with paperwork, emails and spreadsheets.

The 123-Works system is a focal point for administrators, service personell, customers and other stakeholders to record, approve and report on your job tickets and tasks. Cloud-based, 123-Works secure field service management system is available on any device with handy app making it suitable for office field-based and remote workers alike.

Managing Job Tickets

The starting point is capturing requests from your customers whether planned with a schedule or daily reactive tasks. 123-Works helps manage your customer requests providing advanced reporting, dashboarding and notification tools to ensure all parties are full engaged in the process from initial request through to successful completion of the task.

Approving and Notifications

Reducing the effort required by managers to assign job tickets and inform customers, the system will automatically validate all requests based on business requirements and notify the relevant people as status changes occur.


Our advanced reporting system makes it easy for managers and HR professionals to find the information they need, track staff absences online and other greate feautures to help run your organisation and improve outcomes for all.

We provide the tools for your customer to view the status and up to the minute details relating to their support requests both tabular and graphically. Managers can see at a glance how much timesheet allowance is outstanding for individuals, teams and the organisation as whole as well as staff cover during busy periods.

Information is everything

Access & Security

Users can access the system on any device - mobile, tablet and desktop and therefore can book their timesheet anytime convenient to them. No need to be in the office, the system is available 24/7 providing a true self-service solution for your timesheet management requirements.

Service users a protected by 2-factor authentication with a fully secure setup using the latest cloud technology


All of our products are built for enterprise-level applications and then scaled to suit the size of your organisation by removing unecessary features and focusing on what matters to you. It's easy to upgrade your 123-Works account as business requirements grow to encompass more advanced features already waiting for you.

Setup mileage rates, timesheet categories, projects and more.

Fully scalable to suit small, medium sized and enterprise-level global organisations requiring advanced features like multi-company/regions and allocation to contracts/projects

Getting Started

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Activity Packs : HR Essentials

123-Works Activity packs are a great way to get all of the features you need to manage HR in your organisation.

HR Essentials includes Leave Management, Expenses, Timesheets, Forms and Workflows to administer all aspects of your online HR self-service operation.